A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life

This study group is held the second Tuesday of each month and is open to anyone and everyone.

You are invited to bring a lunch and join us in Fellowship Hall (located on the second floor) from noon to 1:00
where we discuss the lesson from our “Weavings” book.

You can obtain your copy of “Weavings” from the church office.
To help defray the cost and if you are able, the cost of the book is $4.50.

Welcome to Weavings, a thematic, quarterly journal. Its mission is to promote informed, committed spiritual growth by exploring how God’s life and human lives are being woven together in the world. Weavings seeks to thread together some of the unraveled ends of Christian life—personal formation and social transformation, individual renewal and church renewal, prayer and ministry, contemplation and mission, Sunday and Monday.